Prescilla Uijtewaal, from Radiotherapie UMC Utrecht, presented at AAPM 2022 her research on the first experimental demonstration of a time-resolved plastic scintillation dosimetry solution for MR-Linac.

In her study, she demonstrates the feasibility of an innovative hybrid experimental setup combining our HYPERSCINT four scintillation detectors and a gafchromic film in a moving phantom to quantify MLC tracking for pulmonary SBRT. This innovation, developed in collaboration with Modus QA, will surely pave the way for the future of MRgRT applications!

Her refreshing lecture at AAPM 2022 meeting !

Take a look at her abstract presented during the AAPM 2022 conference online, to understand how hybrid experimental setup combining film dosimetry and plastic scintillation dosimetry works in a moving phantom quantifying MLC tracking for lung SBRT.

First Experimental Demonstration of Time-Resolved Plastic Scintillation Dosimetry On An MR-Linac

  • Authors: P. Uijtewaal, P. Borman, B. Côté, Y. Lechasseur, J. Turcotte, S. Lambert-Girard, P. Woodhead, S. Woodings, W. de Vries, R. Flores, S. Smith, B. Raaymakers, M. Fast.
  • Institution: Umc Utrecht ; Medscint, Inc., Quebec, QC, CA ; Modus Medical Devices, Inc., London, ON, CA

Purpose: To maximize healthy tissue sparing in the presence of respiration, we previously developed MRI-guided MLC tracking for the 1.5T Unity MR-linac (Elekta AB, SWE). Dosimetric analyses were performed using film dosimetry. To extend the dosimetric analysis of MLC tracking with time-resolved and absolute dose elements, plastic scintillation dosimetry can be used. In this study, we demonstrate the feasibility of a hybrid experimental setup combining film and scintillator dosimetry in a moving phantom quantifying MLC tracking for lung SBRT.