AAPM 2022 - Bobby Lessard

Boby Lessard is a master’s student in medical physics at Université Laval and Centre de recherche sur le cancer de l’Université Laval who is developing new multi-point scintillation detector (mPSD).

The goal of his research is to develop and quantify the performance of this new multi-point scintillation detector (mPSD). Connect to the same optical line there is a multiple heads which allow real-time dose measurements simultaneously at 3 different positions!

This innovation is definitely a must for those looking for real-time multipoint measurements for in-phantom applications for example!

Successful e-poster and lecture at AAPM 2022 meeting

Take a look at his e-poster and lecture presented during the AAPM 2022 conference online to understand how a multi-point scintillation detector have been develop in collaboration with Medscint.

A Novel Multi-Headed Scintillation Detector for Fast and Efficient Dose Measurements at Multiple Locations Simultaneously

  • Authors: B. Lessard, Y. Lechasseur, S. Lambert-girard, F. Therriault-Proulx, L. Beaulieu, L. Archambault.
  • Institution: Département de physique, génie physique et optique, and Centre de recherche sur le cancer, Université Laval, Quebec, CA ; CHU de Quebec – Université Laval and CRCHU de Quebec, Quebec, CA ; Medscint inc., Quebec, CA

Purpose: To develop and quantify the performances of a novel multi-point scintillation detector (mPSD) having multiple heads connected to the same optical line, allowing real-time dose measurements simultaneously at 3 positions in non-contiguous space.