Meet Medscint at 2022 AAPM Annual Meeting

The AAPM 64th Annual Meeting & Exhibition is finally back in-person this summer, and our plastic scintillation dosimetry solutions are ready to rock the floor and transform modern radiotherapy dosimetry.

Celebrating Medical Physics: Transforming Human Health

Featuring the theme Celebrating Medical Physics: Transforming Human Health, we recognize the importance of coming together to share new ideas, innovative solutions, and the various ways advances in the field of medical physics have improved patient outcomes, changing lives worldwide.

AAPM Annual Meeting Theme

Meet Medscint team on-site in Washington

At Medscint, we helps medical physicists deploy modern radiotherapy techniques by providing a new generation of versatile optical dosimetry solutions. Our patented HYPERSCINT real-time multipoint dose measurement detectors set the standard of precision in dosimetry of demanding applications such as Flash RT, MR-Linac and small fields. This year, there will be four members of the team assisting to the scientific conferences and holding the fort on our Entrepreneur Startup Booth #1 :

🔥 Hot talks & abstracts of the conference 🔥

Don’t miss these hot presentations, and posters involving our cutting-edge HYPERSCINT™ scintillation dosimetry research platform :