We offer a new generation of fast, accurate and non perturbing dosimetry solutions for modern radiotherapy techniques.

Scintillation dosimetry for radiotherapy

Selecting the optimal dose detector for a radiation oncology modality is challenging, especially with the introduction of modern radiotherapy techniques such as adaptive radiotherapy, small fields dosimetry, and FLASH radiotherapy (UHDR or Ultra-High Dose Rate).

At Medscint, we are using water-equivalent plastic scintillator material. So, it doesn’t interfere with ionizing radiation during the energy deposition process. This key advantage makes it the ideal dose detector for a multitude of modalities including electron and photon MV.





Save time in your innovative research projects

Medscint is the leader of plastic scintillation dosimetry solutions. Our unique hyperspectral approach combines all the advantages of plastic scintillators to introduce a new generation of dosimeters.

Discover our HYPERSCINT™ solutions:


A powerful, multi-point-ready and versatile turnkey dosimetry solution based on plastic scintillators. This is the solution for accurate, and non-perturbing measurements, making it the perfect choice for small field dosimetry and other challenging research projects.


A high-speed plastic scintillation dosimetry solution that enables high temporal resolution. Based on Medscint’s robust and patented calibration, it effectively removes the stem effect to precisely measure dose in various conditions including ultra-high dose rate modalities.

* Marketed for research purpose only

Be ready for the future of dosimetry

Benefit from the plastic scintillator’s technology

Developed by the scientific community for more than 30 years, dosimetry solutions based on plastic scintillation detectors (PSD) technology offers proven advantages over many types of detectors.

Get your dose information in real-time

The Medscint solution offers instant dose measurements providing real-time information during dynamic radiation delivery procedures.

Measure dose at multiple points simultaneously

The patented hyperspectral solution offered by Medscint opens the doors to a wide variety of applications as it can measure the dose from a single point or at multiple points simultaneously, enabling a refined spatial distribution of the measurements.


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