Successful presentation at the
2022 COMP Annual Scientific Meeting

The fit between the HYPERSCINT and MR-LINACs is ideal as unlike other detectors, the HYPERSCINT scintillation dosimetry platform can be used regardless of its orientation in a magnetic field environment. Together with its linearity to dose and dose-rate, the detector shows great promises for development of dosimetry solutions dedicated to the MR-Linac environment.

Congratulations to our colleague Benjamin Côté, who successfully presented at the highlight session of the 2022 Annual Scientific Assembly of the Canadian Organization medical physicists, the results of a series of characterization measurements obtained in collaboration with UMC Utrecht team on their Unity Elekta system and people at Modus QA Medical Device.

Special thanks to the co-author of this work : Bas Raaymakers, Simon Woodings, Prescilla Uijtewaal, Wilfred de Vries, Simon Lambert Girard, Francois Therriault-Proulx and Martin Fast.


What does an MR-LINAC?

This new technology is called MR-Linac and it is the first machine in the world to combine radiation and high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This hybrid technology lets doctors at the Odette Cancer Centre target tumours and monitor their response to radiation with unprecedented precision – even as a tumour moves inside the body – thanks to the machine’s real-time MRI guidance.

Sunnybrook’s Odette Cancer Centre

HYPERSCINT excels for MR-LINACs dosimetry

The HYPERSCINT plastic scintillation detector proves to be an ideal option for MR-Linac precision dosimetry, regardless of the orientation of the magnetic field environment.

More to come at the 2022 AAPM Annual Conference

Look-out for more innovation and results on Time-Resolved Plastic Scintillation Dosimetry On An MR-Linac that will be presented at the 2022 AAPM annual Meeting next month!