Medscitn experts in scintillation dosimetry at ESTRO 2024 radiotherapy conference in Glasgow

Our scintillation dosimetry experts will be travelling to the United Kingdom to connect with world leading medical physicists and experts in Radiotherapy at the 2024 ESTRO Annual Scientific Meeting taking place at the Scottish Event Campus from May 3rd to May 7th in the beautiful town of Glasgow – Scotland.

The ESTRO 2024 scientific programme spans four days across up to 12 parallel tracks, covering brachytherapy, clinical radiotherapy, medical physics, radiobiology, and radiation therapy. Sessions encompass various formats including symposia, debates, teaching lectures, panel discussions, proffered papers, mini-orals, and poster discussions, all aimed at delivering high-quality science and promoting audience interaction. Additionally, the program will delve into the present and future of radiotherapy, addressing gaps in access to optimal treatment, fostering connections with partner associations, and prioritizing the development of young radiation oncology professionals through the Young Track.

Networking with corporate partners like MEDSCINT is always invaluable and ESTRO 2024 is Europe’s largest industry exhibition in radiation oncology. This is a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders and to find out about the latest developments in technology, techniques and oncology products.

The scintillation dosimetry experts at ESTRO 2024

If you are attending the 2024 edition of ESTRO in Glasgow – UK, meet our Medscint scintillation dosimetry experts on site : Benjamin Côté, MSc (Medical Physicist), Jonathan Turcotte, Eng. MBA (Physics Eng, CMO and Cofounder) and François Therriault-Proulx, PhD (Medical Physcist, CEO and Cofounder) from May 3rd to May 7th. They we will be happy to provide you with more information on our scintillation dosimetry solutions for the duration of the symposium.

Medscint scintillation dosimetry experts at ESTRO 2024 conference

Setting the pace for innovative real-time dosimetry to leverage modern radiotherapy benefits

The MEDSCINT patented HYPERSCINT™ real-time dose measurement detector sets the standard for accuracy in demanding radiotherapy applications such as dosimetry of small-fields, real-time adaptive QA (ex. MR-Linac) and ultra-high dose rate irradiation protocols (UHDR or FLASH-RT). Unique features include:

  • Fast real-time dose measurements at multiple locations, simultaneously.
  • Water-equivalent detector design improving accuracy without perturbation nor correction factors.
  • Miniature sensitive volume (down to 0.1 mm³), providing sharp spatial resolution.
  • Unique hyperspectral Cherenkov removal technique, enabling robust angular independence on 4π.
  • Linear response over a wide range of dose rates (from out-of-field to ultra-high dose rates).
  • Metal-free detector design, eliminating artifacts when used in high-strength magnetic fields.

Medscint is already working with renowned collaborators from the field, discover results of their work :

Turn-key solutions for innovative scintillation dosimetry solution to adaptive RT QA