As the leading provider of dosimetry solutions based on scintillators for ⚡ UHDR / FLASH-RT, we are excited to participate in this year’s – Flash Radiotherapy and Particle Therapy – FRPT conference, and look forward to connecting with all of you in Toronto, 🍁Canada 🤝

Scintillators shedding light on FLASH-RT

At Medscint, we are passionate about bringing revolutionary dosimetry solutions to the field of radiotherapy. We’ve designed innovative detectors delivering 🔆brilliant performances for your most challenging ultrahigh dose-rate or FLASH-RT research projects.

Our team will be on hand to answer your questions, provide live demonstrations and discuss how we can help you investigate and understand what is known as the “FLASH EFFECT”. Get by our booth during the conference to :

✅ Get a sneak peek of our latest HYPERSCINT RP-FLASH detector solution designed for UHDR
✅ Learn how to measure dose per pulse + average dose rate + integrated dose SIMULTANEOUSLY
✅ Treat yourself to our now famous 🍁maple syrup 🍬candies

FRPT in Toronto is a good occasion to re-connect

Let’s make the most of this conference and build meaningful connections together. We look forward to meeting you on the exhibition floor! Don’t forget to follow us on Linked-In for updates throughout the event! See you soon! 🚀