After four years of existence, we created a new page to list all Medscint related publications.
We are fortunate to have many scientific publications related to our innovative solutions and technology and published by our customers and collaborators in the medical physics community. You will find there public links to articles, presentations, posters and abstracts featuring Medscint products.

Topics of interest

Our customers, medical physicist from Northern America and Europe, have published about their research using our solutions to reach their goals. We are working with them to develop a new generation of real-time, small-field dosimetry solutions based on plastic scintillation detectors. We strive with them to understand the fundamentals of the radiobiology FLASH effect, to leverage the full potential of MR-Linac systems, to refine small-fields measurements, and to globally improve and accelerate commercial and clinical translation of the technology.

The HYPERSCINT Research Platform (HS-RP200 and HS-RP100) could be used with various energies such as Mv Photon, MeV Electron, Proton and kV Photon for different radiation oncology research projects. Indeed, the HYPERSCINT Research Platform is marketed for research purpose for the moment.

The success of our solution

Medscint related publications proves that our solutions and technology is part of the “next big thing” in radiation oncology. In fact, radiation delivered at ultrahigh dose rates can drastically reduce collateral damage and toxicity in normal healthy tissue while preserving anti-tumour activity. But, much work remains to be done before the at-scale clinical translation of FLASH radiotherapy becomes reality.

What else… we just received a financial contribution from Canada Economic Development (CED) for Quebec Regions to increase our commercialization capacity. Check this out!