MEDSCINT and Fimecorp International s.l. sign distribution agreement for plastic scintillation quality assurance equipment

MEDSCINT and Fimecorp International s.l. sign distribution agreement for plastic scintillation quality assurance equipment

Quebec (CANADA), May 5th, 2024 – The leading provider of quality assurance (QA) scintillation dosimetry solutions for radiation therapy MEDSCINT has entered into a distribution agreement with Fimecorp International SL, a major and trusted independent provider of medical equipment and software to the radiotherapy community. Under the distribution agreement, Fimecorp International s.l. will market and sell MEDSCINT HYPERSCINT™ solutions for research use to institutions in Spain.

The MEDSCINT patented HYPERSCINT™ real-time dose measurement detector sets the standard for accuracy in demanding radiotherapy applications such as dosimetry of small-fields, real-time adaptive QA (ex. MR-Linac) and ultra-high dose rate irradiation protocols (UHDR or FLASH-RT). Unique features include:

  • Fast real-time dose measurements at multiple locations, simultaneously.
  • Water-equivalent detector, improving measurement accuracy without perturbation nor correction factors.
  • Miniature sensitive volume (down to 0.1 mm³), providing sharp spatial resolution.
  • Unique hyperspectral Cherenkov/stem removal technique, enabling robust angular independence on 4π.
  • Linear response over a wide range of dose rates (from out-of-field to ultra-high dose rates).
  • Metal-free detector design, eliminating artifacts when used in high-strength magnetic fields.

“Our aim, in collaboration with Fimecorp, is to assist them in addressing the dosimetry challenges posed by modern radiation therapy techniques within the Spanish medical physics community”, says Jonathan Turcotte, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Medscint.

“MEDSCINT’s plastic scintillation detectors boast exceptional performance, standing out as key players. We’re excited to offer our Spanish clientele access to this groundbreaking technology, fostering significant advancements in their practice,” Marta Sicilia Gonzalez, Sales Manager Radiotherapy at Fimecorp.

About Fimecorp International s.l.

Fimecorp International SL is the result of the work of several physicists throughout Europe and the United States, with three main areas of work, consulting, R&D, and distribution in the field of Radiotherapy. For more information, visit Media contact : Fimecorp International s.l., Callejón de Mérid, 11, 45600 Talavera de la Reina Toledo Spain. Marta Sicilia González, Sales Manager Radiotherapy. 925 817162/ 664871621 |

About Medscint

Founded in 2018, Medscint is a Canadian-based company that partners with the experts in the field to push the limits of innovation in radiotherapy. They aim at facilitating the work of medical physicists and researchers worldwide with their versatile, cutting-edge optics and photonics technology. For more information, visit Media Contact: Medscint Inc. 1405, Parc Technologique Québec, QC G1l4P5 – CANADA. Jonathan Turcotte, Eng. MBA Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. 1-888-901-6521 |