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Plastic Scintillation Detector (PSD)
X: single (1) or multi-point (5)
Dosimetry modular platform
Polyvalent software solution

MEDSCINT Innovates with Adapted and Turnkey Dosimetry Solutions

Through its patented hyperspectral scintillation dosimetry approach (US9678217), Medscint is innovating by offering a modular platform enabling multi-point and real-time scintillation dosimetry to meet the modern and practical needs of research professionals around the world and specialized in medical physics, radiation biology and scintillating materials to name a few.



Developed by the scientific community for more than 30 years, dosimetry solutions based on plastic scintillation detector technology offers proven advantages over other types of detectors.

Real-Time Dosimetry

Instant dose measurements providing real-time information during dynamic radiation delivery procedures.

Water-Equivalent Material

A detector that does not interfere with the deposition process and provides a dose measurement as if it was deposited in water or tissues.

Submillimetric Size

Scintillating elements with dimensions making it ideal for small-field dosimetry.

Energy Independence

Light response is free of any dependence on the photon or electron energy over 100 kV, therefore supporting multiple treatment modalities (SBRT, IMRT, Co-60, Ir-192).

Angular Independence

Dose measurement independent of the detector orientation in the field of radiation.

Hyperspectral Patented Approach

On top of a proven robust calibration process, the patented hyperspectral solution offered by Medscint opens the doors to multi-point dosimetry for a refined distribution of the dose, yet simplified within a single optical fiber channel.

Multi-Point Measurements

A breakthrough innovation delivering:

  • Instant spatial dose distribution along the same line (up to five positions);
  • Dose measurements that are enabled at multiple positions, even when space is limited;
  • Better spatial resolution, especially needed in complex and small irradiation geometries.
Cerenkov-Free Signal

Complete subtraction of the Cerenkov effect and fluorescence light produced by the fiber.

Robust Calibration

The hyperspectral approach allows for a simple calibration process that is more precise and less dependent on the irradiation modalities and conditions.

Self-Correction to Temperature Variations

The hyperspectral approach enables the possibility for automatic correction of the scintillation response in fluctuating environmental conditions (e.g. temperature) as well as measurement of that fluctuating condition.


The Expertize to Supply Standardized and Tailor-Made Solutions

With a modular platform and unparalleled expertise and skills in medical physics, dosimetry, optics and photonics technologies, Medscint develops, manufactures and delivers value-added dosimetry solutions including:
  • A series of standardized and customized plastic scintillation detectors;
  • A modular dosimetry platform based on a patented hyperspectral approach;
  • A real-time calibration and dose monitoring software that can be tailored to the researcher’s needs.
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